Fueled by the energy of talented individuals, this particular team represents the concentrated ambition to achieve one goal. That goal: to build the ideal Esports team for many years to come.

Led by the expertise of traditional sports and the tech biz, Velocity Esports is looking to set precedence in the industry. We look to set the standard within our beloved space; whether it would  be high class management or jaw-dropping media, but above all else, camaraderie and competition. We don’t want to just build a great team, we want to build a legacy.


Velocity gaming was founded in the year 2019 by MANOJ KASYAP , SHIV MISHRA , MAHESH KAWAR with intentions to provide players of different skill levels and games a platform to prove themselves. We decided the best way to spread the word out to the players was via social media and so we created our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and INSTAGRAM.
The organization has its roots in PUBG MOBILE, a popular mobile game that has taken India by a storm. Now 1 year later we have built a community with over 1,20,000 subscribers on YouTube 16,200 followers on Instagram and over 48,000 followers on our discord. Velocity gaming regularly hosts scrims and tournaments for pubg players and also workshops with India’s best players to fine tune their skills.

So far we have held 2 major Pubg tournaments namely VLT MAJOR where we had over 40,000 concurrent people watching these events on our YouTube channel. For upcoming talent and for players to have a platform to showcase their talents we have also held 3 minor tournaments by the likes of VLT MINOR where the winner gets a slot in our VLT MAJOR.